We follow the AQA syllabus. 

In Y10 three themes are studied - Religion Peace and Conflict, The Existence of God and Revelation and Christian Beliefs. 

In Religion Peace and Conflict we look at the concepts of religion with violence, terrorism and war and the relationship of religion and war in the 21st century. In The existence of God and revelation we look at Philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God, The nature of the divine and revelation and then complete the year with Christian Beliefs - Beliefs and teachings, Jesus Christ and salvation.

In Y11 we have two further topics of study - Christianity and Buddhist Beliefs and teachings.

In Christianity, we look at Worship and festivals, The role of the church in the local and worldwide community and we then finish the GCSE with Buddhist Beliefs and Teachings - The Dhamma (Dharma), The Buddha and the Four Noble Truths, Worship and festivals and Buddhist ethics.