Biology - In year 10 and year 11, students go on to study a fantastic range of topics to study, both inspiring students and ensuring that they are well-prepared for A level. Year 10 topics include: cells and cell transport, breathing, the heart and circulation, respiration, thermoregulation, blood glucose control, inheritance of alleles, evolution, selective breeding, and nutrient cycles. Year 11 topics include: digestive enzymes, the immune system, kidneys, microbes in food production and energy in ecosystems.


Chemistry - Broadly the topics covered in year 10 are the periodic table, structures and bonding, calculations, crude oil, other products from crude oil, electrolysis. In year 11, lessons consolidate previously learnt knowledge and students’ progress to studying acids, alkalis and salts, energetics, equilibria, alcohols, carboxylic acids and esters.


Physics - When students start in year 10, the curriculum builds on knowledge established in year 9. Topics include: motion graphs, EM spectrum, thermal energy, electricity, moments, mains electricity. In year 11 we turn to nuclear and particle physics, astronomy, magnets and the motor effect, and induction and transformers.