Vision and Ethos

"Inspiring individuals with a love of learning"

Beverley High School

  •  will develop individuals to be independent, confident, well-educated, happy and successful

  •  will develop individuals to be responsible citizens committed to making a positive contribution to society

  •  will equip students and staff with skills and qualifications to enable them to maximise their potential, achieve the best possible outcomes and be well prepared for the future

  •  will value, encourage and support individuals and celebrate their successes

  • will provide a modern, appropriate and relevant curriculum in order to meet individual needs

  • will provide experiences which are positive, enjoyable, enriching and memorable

  • will be a welcoming, friendly and cohesive environment in which all members of its community are unified in feeling proud of its collective achievements

  • will have an ethos of respect, enthusiasm, self motivation and success

  • will be well-respected in the local community and beyond, being the school of choice for parents, students and staff