Values Badge

Beverley High School Values

Below you will see our Beverley High School values badge. All of these values were chosen by our students, prents, staff and governors. Developing these values will help you to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.

We divide our values into four categories

1) Intellectual (values to support you in your subjects) e.g Curiosity, Focus, Creativity, Open-mindedness and Critical Thinking

2) Moral (values to help you be a good person) e.g. Compassion, Gratitude, Courage, Respect, Integrity

3) Civic (values to help you contribute and help others) e.g. Community Awareness, Neighbourliness, Citizenship, Social Justice

4) Performance (values to help you succeed) e.g. Leadership, Resilience, Teamwork, Confidence, Communication


The values in bold are the ones we see as being really important, and we will look to foster in your time at school with us.