Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before!

BHS recognises the importance of Educational Visits and additional activities.  The knowledge and experience gained outside the classroom can consolidate and extend the curriculum and enhance the development of personal and social skills.

Our Vision Statement “inspiring individuals with a love of learning” matches our ambition to provide experiences which are positive, enjoyable, enriching and memorable. 

Visits take place across the whole of the school and, in the 6th Form, are run jointly with Beverley Grammar School.  Visits take place locally, visiting venues in Beverley and the surrounding area and much further afield.  Local visits include visiting local Churches and local colleges.  Previous successful visits include field trips, museums and the coast.  Further afield visits have been made to the World War 1 Battlefields, Japan, Sri Lanka, French and German trips.  Ski holidays have been undertaken on a regular basis.  Yearly visits to outdoor pursuit centres are undertaken.

It is the aim of the school for all pupils to be given the opportunity to take part in at least one residential visit during their time at the school. 

Visits which are an essential part of the curriculum will be available to all pupils concerned.  Other visits which are an additional extra and an enhancement to the curriculum are supported and encouraged