Our aim for every student entering Year 7 at Beverley High School is to inspire a love of learning as pupils embark on their Key Stage 3 education. 

Pupils are offered a range of extra-curricular activities (‘extra’ referring to outside the regular curriculum, e.g., a sports club).  Super-curricular activities are academic activities that take the regular curriculum further. They take the subjects pupils study in the classroom beyond what has been taught or completed for Independent Learning.  Students in Year 7 take part in the ‘Be Curious’ super-curriculum programme and keep a record of the activities they complete over the year.

In Year 10, students can opt-in to our super-curricular ‘Get Focused’ programme.  Students choose three of their GCSE subjects and commit to completing at least one activity per term, independently.

We hope that this will help students to:

  • Develop their academic interests and independent thought
  • Improve their ability to absorb and use new ideas
  • Foster intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning


You can discover more through our Knowledge Hub.