Sixth Form

Students can choose to follow our academic A Level in PE A Level that will equip them with both a depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills relating to scientific, socio-cultural, and practical aspects of physical education. This requires them to develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge to improve performance, to  understand how physiological and psychological states affect performance, to  understand the key socio-cultural factors that influence people’s involvement in physical activity and sport, to  understand the role of technology in physical activity and sport, to refine their ability to perform effectively in physical activity and sport by developing skills and techniques and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas, to develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance, to understand the contribution which physical activity makes to health and fitness and to improve as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with curious and enquiring minds.