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The Key Stage 4 Science courses offered to pupils aim to develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, Science.  They are also designed to equip pupils with the scientific skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society.  


From September students will study for 3 separate Science GCSEs in Year 10:  Biology, Chemistry  and Physics.  They will be taught by a subject specialist. The triple award broadens the students’ understanding of Science at KS4. There are two tiers of assessment: Foundation (1-5) and Higher (4-9). 


Students will be taught 2 hours a week in  Biology, Chemistry  and Physics (6 hours of Science a week).


We anticipate that many of our students will go on to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics at Advanced level and to pursue careers in a wide variety of areas, for example environmental study, medicine, veterinary science, engineering, agriculture and teaching