Physics at BHS provides a supportive and stimulating environment where students can learn, investigate and marvel at the wonders of our physical world. We are extremely well-equipped with specialist laboratories and modern, technical equipment. Our teachers all share a life-long passion for one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines where the goal is to understand the behaviour of the universe.

We endeavour to provide a fresh approach to studying chemistry to make what can be a challenging subject accessible, interesting and relevant. Through regular hands-on experiments and demonstrations, we aim to enhance students’ understanding of the benefits that chemistry has brought to society and to the environment, whilst also appreciating its detrimental effects.

Biology students keenly engage with challenging and exciting questions about living organisms and their environments. Over the course of several years, students develop their skills in data analysis, critical evaluation and collaboration to deepen their understanding of the scientific process.

Our Staff

Our ambition is to help our students appreciate and question the way in which science governs the world around us and to ignite and cultivate scientific curiosity