Religious Studies

Syllabus - AQA

Religious Studies - RS Syllabus

All students follow the AQA Full Course GCSE in Religion, Philosophy and Ultimate Question and Religion and Life Issues. The examination course is studied one lesson per week starting in Year 9 and followed through in years 10 and 11.


The course includes an investigation of some ethical issues relevant in today’s society. It gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. This course also offers students the opportunity to express their personal and informed responses to ethical issues whilst reflecting on the beliefs and opinions of others. Students also have the opportunity to investigate. 


The topics we will be looking at are:-


· The study of aspects of Buddhism..

· The study of aspects of Christianity.

· Human Rights, Social Justice & Wealthy and Poverty.

· Crime & Punishment

· The Existence of God and Revelation

· Religion, Peace and Conflict


Students will take two exam papers, answering four questions on each paper, based on the topics studied.