Religious Education

Religious Education is one of the subjects in the curriculum which allows students to consider what it means to be human and to explore and challenge the established norms of society. We allow every pupil to become more aware of contemporary issues in society, such as the developing world, prejudice, crime and punishment, sexuality, as well as the religious and non-religious responses to these issues. Students are challenged to develop a deeper understanding of some of the controversial religious and secular issues faced by the modern world; it is a vital and relevant discipline.

We aim to pursue academic rigour while instilling a love of learning and fascination with the variety of belief and non-belief in all our students. We believe that it is an essential part of all students' education because it exposes students to the ideas of the greatest thinkers our world has known and encourages a critical view of them and develops invaluable transferable skills which are demanded for many professions and are necessary for many areas of life. As a department we aim to enable students to think clearly, honestly and accurately in the field of experience often referred to as religion and belief, and to promote understanding and tolerance among peoples of a variety of faiths and those who have none.

Our Staff

Religious Education is important for the development of understanding and knowledge about religions in the young minds