Product Design

Head of Department Overview Video - Product Design

Syllabus - Edexcel

GCSE Product Design

Product Design (GCSE Design and Technology) is about improving people’s lives by designing and making something they need or want. Products are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable, or to make a task or activity more efficient. A good product is something that works well and is satisfying to use.

Course Outline

During the course you will be expected to work in similar ways to professional product designers. The course will be taught through a series of design and make projects during which you will work in a variety of materials including paper/card, plastic and wood.

Through developing possible solutions to design problems, you will improve your practical skills as well as learning about:-

 Properties of materials

 How products are made in industry

 Human factors which influence designers

 Effective use of I.C.T. including C.A.D./C.A.M.

 The history of design


The second year of the course is largely devoted to a Non Examined Assessment that is marked by teachers and moderated by the exam board. A single design and make project set by the exam board will account for 50% of your total marks. The marks are awarded for each part as follows.

1 – Investigate (16 marks) 

2 – Design (42 marks) 

3 – Make (36 marks) 

4 – Evaluate (6 marks)

A one hour 45 minute written exam taken in the summer will account for the remaining 50% of your marks.