Head of Department Overview Video - Photography

This is an exciting and popular GCSE course at Beverley High School. Students will learn how to use appropriate technologies, backdrops and props to create an interesting and thought-provoking images which will be developed into a portfolio of work that is inspired a range of photographers and creatives.

The work will be indoor and outdoor based and will involve experimenting digitally (Photoshop) to manipulate photographs as well as physical edits (creating installations, stitching, burning etc).

Portraiture  and Structures will be the main themes in year 10, along with learning about the Formal Elements, Visual Principles and Composition Devices. In Year 11, pupils will have a choice of where to take their projects and will be expected to convey a personal response to a selection of starting points.

Students will predominantly use digital cameras and learn to manipulate the settings in order to solve a range of increasingly complex visual problems. Pupils will become fluent in the manipulation of camera settings, the most common of which are aperture, shutter speed and ISO.


Students will be expected to develop critical skills by studying the work of artists, designers and craftspeople from a variety of cultures in order to inform your practical work.

Portfolios showing research, process, preparation and experimentation will count for 60% of the GCSE.

A 10 hour controlled test on a topic set by the board, but discussed with your teacher, will be undertaken in controlled conditions at the end of the course. The controlled test will count for 40% of the GCSE.