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Music - Music

GCSE Music is a challenging and rewarding course that will enable you to deepen and widen your musical knowledge, understanding and skills and learn about the time, place and purpose of music in various cultural contexts. You need to have a genuine interest in composing your own music and in performing by yourself (instrument or voice) in front of other students in the class.


. Appraising (EXAM 40%)

· In the EXAM you will respond to questions on recorded excerpts and printed musical scores

· In lessons and homework tasks you will listen to, study and write set works from the following periods and genres: Baroque; Classical; Musical Theatre; Film; Folk and Latin Jazz.


2. Composing (COURSEWORK 30%)

· For the composing COURSEWORK you will produce two substantial compositions. You will use staff notation and ‘Sibelius’ publishing software to present high quality musical scores.

· In lessons and homework tasks you will you will develop your knowledge of music theory and compose by creating, developing and extending your own melodic, rhythmic and harmonic ideas.


3. Performing (COURSEWORK 30%)

· For the performing COURSEWORK you will play/sing 1 SOLO and 1 ENSEMBLE piece. The solo could be a piece that you from an instrument/voice grade exam.

· In some class lessons you will play/sing and receive feedback for improvement and you will, of course, continue to attend your weekly instrument/voice lessons in order to improve to at least grade 4 standard by the middle of Y11.