Through the study of Music we hope our students will become creative and confident individuals, co-operative team members and empathetic citizens, achieving a sense of wellbeing through perseverance and commitment

We strive to create the very best atmosphere that will give every girl the opportunity to develop their musical skills by providing many diverse and stimulating experiences practically, creatively and academically. We offer a wide range of musical activities both within and out of the classroom.

In the classroom much of the work is practical, whether singing or learning how to play instruments, formal work or creating experimental compositions. We use IT to enhance creative work and every girl composes. Nearly every type of musical ensemble is catered for whether traditional or popular. Discussions, visits to the opera, concerts in and out of school, workshops, competitions and visiting musicians all support the work of the department. We also try and identify those who may be gifted and talented and encourage them to take up a new instrument, join extra-curricular music activities, apply for music scholarships or external music colleges if appropriate.

Our Staff

Music is the most universal of all the arts. Ask any person in any city in any country what their favourite music is and they’ll always have an answer. So treasure music and keep it with you always.’ John Suchet, Newscaster