Head of Department Overview Video - Maths

Syllabus - AQA -

Everyone needs to use mathematics, particularly arithmetic, as a tool to help in everyday life and to understand more clearly the world in which we live. Simple calculation, the use of tables giving information, and the interpretation and understanding of figures and graphs will be needed by everyone throughout life. In addition, skills developed in mathematics lessons will help people to tackle new ideas and problems in a confident, logical and organised way.


Mathematics is a subject where new knowledge builds on what has been understood before.  Hence, pupils are placed in sets along with others who are at a similar stage of development and ability.  They will follow a 2 year Linear GCSE Maths course accredited by AQA.


The course is divided into Using and Applying Mathematics, Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, and Handling Data.


The GCSE is assessed through three external exams.  There is no controlled assessment for this course.