Margaret Powell - Green

House Leader - Lily Myers 11MP

Margaret Powell -  it is thanks to her that Beverley looks the way it does today. She was a conservationist, campaigner and ferociously challenged any applications to change the look and feel of Beverley. She lived through the 1960’s a time when a war had been fought – it was the age of modern architecture, concrete, high rise, motorways and cars for all. There was a lot of rebuilding needed after bomb damage.  She lived in Beverley and her garden attached to her home was to be used in the Lairgate/York Road new road scheme involving the loss of a street full of historic buildings. Other plans for Beverley included creating a huge roundabout n the middle of Beverley which would have left North Bar stuck in the middle of the roundabout. As well as widening Hengate which would mean the loss of Nellie’s. Margaret was outraged by these proposed changes and after being elected as a Beverley councillor fought all of these planning applications.  Beverley is the preserved, beautiful market town you see today thanks to her.

Margaret Powell-