Hilda Lyon - Blue

House Leader - Alice Inpraserth 11HL

Hilda Lyon - Hilda has a unique connection to the school as she was in the first group of pupils when Beverley High School first opened in 1908. She learnt to love mathematics and pursued this further studying it at Newnham College, Cambridge in 1918 – at a time when the university noted the exam results as equivalent to the male only agreed but did not award actual degrees to women until 1947. After graduating, Lyon took an Air Ministry course in aeroplane stress-analysis and then obtained a job as a technical assistant.  Around 1922, Lyon was admitted as an Associate Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. From 1925 onwards, she was a member of technical staff at the Royal Airship Works in Cardington, helping to develop the R101 rigid airship through her work on aerodynamics. With a length of 731ft, the R101 was the largest flying machine ever built. Prior to its first flight, Lyon wrote to her brother: “When are you coming to see the R101? Hope that it’s a north wind when I get my first flight so that I can persuade them to fly over Market Weighton


Hilda Lyon- https://youtu.be/rJmAH0dSLIs