We aim to broaden knowledge and understanding of the wider world – both physical and human / cultural; and cultivate a love of geography. We want our students to know about places and processes and the interactions between these things which create the surrounding landscapes. We want our students to learn the importance of stewardship and to foster an interest in protecting the earth and an innate understanding of sustainable development. We aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and empathy within and between communities. We believe in keeping abreast of the latest developments in pedagogy and adapting / trialling /adopting useful methods and practice to support students’ learning, whilst recognising that what works for one subject / teacher / learner will not be successful across the board and having confidence in what works for us. We believe in responsive teaching to benefit all learners, and autonomy (balanced with consistency) to help bring out the strengths of all of our teachers and consequently; our students.


Our Staff

Studying geography provokes questions and provides answers about the natural and human world.....