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English Language - English Language Syllabus

English Literature - English Literature Syllabus


English Language will allow students to draw upon a range of texts as reading stimulus and engage with creative as well as real and relevant contexts.  Students will have opportunities to develop higher-order reading and critical thinking skills that encourage genuine enquiry into different topics and themes. Students will be able to read fluently and write effectively.  They will be able to demonstrate a confident control of standard English and write grammatically correct sentences, displaying figurative language and analysing texts

The English Literature course encourages students to develop knowledge and skills in reading, writing and critical thinking. Through literature, students have a chance to develop culturally and acquire knowledge of the best that has been thought and written. Studying GCSE English Literature encourages students to read widely for pleasure, and as a preparation for studying literature at a higher level. Students are encouraged to read a wide range of classic literature fluently and with good understanding.  They make connections across their reading and read in depth, critically and evaluatively, so that they are able to discuss and explain their understanding and ideas. They are encouraged to develop the habit of reading widely and often and to appreciate the depth and power of the English literary heritage. They will be guided to write accurately, effectively and analytically about their reading, using Standard English as well as acquire and use a wide vocabulary, including the grammatical terminology and other literary and linguistic terms they need to criticise and analyse what they read.


English Language

Paper 1

50% of GCSE            Section A Reading—Literature fiction (25%)

                                    Section B Writing—Descriptive or Narrative (25%)


Paper 2

50% of GCSE            Section A Reading—Literary non-fiction text and non-fiction text (25%)

                                    Section B Writing—Presenting a view point (25%)


English Literature

Paper 1

40% of GCSE            Section A—Shakespeare

                                    Section B—A 19th Century novel

Paper 2

60% of GCSE            Section A— A modern text or drama text

                                    Section B—Poetry

                                    Section C—Unseen poetry