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GCSE Drama is diverse, practical and accessible to students of all abilities. Drama provides students with the opportunity to explore different characters and situations, different mind-sets and emotions and allows for great use of creativity and imagination- skills which are highly valued by potential employers. In GCSE Drama you will have the opportunity to create your own work based on a number of different stimuli, whilst exploring a range of different theatre styles and techniques. You will also look at the written works of famous playwrights and explore themes and characters. This course is all about working cooperatively and as part of a team to create excellent pieces of Drama and to build your confidence both personally and as a performer.


Unit One: Written Paper 40%

1 hour and 45 minutes.

80 marks.

· Section A: multiple choice question about theatre roles and terminology (4 marks)

· Section B: four questions on a given extract from the set play chosen (46 marks)

· Section C: one two part question (from a choice) on the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production seen (30 marks)


Unit Two: Practical. Devising Drama. 40%.

Devising log (60 Marks)

Devised performance (20 marks).

80 marks in total.


Unit Three: Practical. Texts in practice. 20%.

Performance of two extracts from one play chosen by teacher

Performance of Extract 1 (25 marks) and Extract 2 (25 marks)

50 marks in total