Core Subjects

Every school determines its own "core" curriculum. At BHS we have a long tradition of MFL being within our Core Curriculum. It is well known from the start of Y7 that we insist on this. We believe the study of Modern Foreign Languages will be of enormous potential benefit in the future. the main three languages used in the western world of business are English, French and German. Many companies are based in France or Germany including some of the regions largest employers like Siemens. 

All students will study:

  • GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature (5 hrs of teaching per week)
  • GCSE French or German (2 hrs)
  • GCSE Mathematics (4 hours)
  • GCSE Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) (6 hours)
  • GCSE RE (1 hour)
  • non-examination course in PE. (1 hour)