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Who Should You Contact

In the first instance....

If you have concerns/queries regarding lessons, you should contact the Head of the relevant department.

If you have concerns/queries regarding wellbeing (happiness, friendships etc), you should contact your child's form tutor.

If you are unsure, contact the Office who will be happy to direct you.


Ms S Japp -

Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Colton –

Business Manager
Mrs T Thurlow - 

PA to Headteacher
Ms S Altoft -

School Office

Chair of Governors
Mr J Dunning - 

Assistant Headteachers

Miss S Brownell (Personal Development) 

Ms R Calcutt (Inclusion/SENCO)

Mr P Hardy-Cork (Outcomes)

Mrs C Gardiner  (Director of Sixth Form) 

Mrs J Laven (Behaviour and Attitudes) 

Staff with Pastoral Responsibilities

Year Leader, Years 10 and 11
Mrs M

Assistant Year Leader, Years 10 and 11
Ms L Wilson -

Year Leader - Years 8 and 9
Miss C Atkinson –

Assistant Year Leader - Years 8 and 9
Mrs O Dawson –

Year Leader - Year 7 
Ms L Atkinson –

Pastoral Manager, Year 7
Mrs C North - 

Pastoral Manager, Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 
Ms F Scott -

Pastoral Manager, Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 
Miss E Richardson -

Wellbeing Team Manager / Pupil Premium Support 
Mrs K Mayfield -

Safeguarding & Child Protection Co-ordinator 
Ms T Watson - 

Learning Support Manager
Mrs H Butler -

Deputy Child Protection Co-ordinator and Attendance Officer
Mrs C North - 

Emotional Health Support Worker
Mrs L Edwards - 

Pastoral Manager, Sixth Form
Miss A Cooper -  

Department Head/Subject Leaders

Head of English
Mrs V Koczy  -

Head of Maths
Mrs C Brooke –

Head of Science
Dr G Cosquer –

Head of MFL
Mrs B Lawrence –

Head of Art
Mr B Capper –   

Head of Geography
Mrs J Ayling -

Head of History
Miss S Brownell –

Head of Computing
Mrs M Clark -

Head of Music
Miss S Ward -

Head of PE
Mrs E Owen - 

Head of RE
Mrs W Marshall - 

Head of Technology
Mrs P Colley –

Head of Business Studies
Mr S Gouldthorpe -

Form Tutors (2023 / 2024)

7PA Mrs M Reid -

7MB Miss A Anscomb -

7HL Miss L Bevan -

7MP Miss N Shinkwin -

7MW Mrs S Jeffery -


8PA Mrs M-L Walker  - 

8MB Miss S Clark -  

8HL Mr B Capper -

8MP Mr R McKirdy -

8MW Mrs J Ayling -


9PA Miss B Bridgwater -

9MB Mr J Finer -

9HL Miss C Rogan -

9MP Mr A Harriott -

9MW Mr M O’Brien -


10PA Mr M Muralee -

10MB Miss S Hurst -

10HL Mrs L Butler -

10MP Mrs C Brooke -

10MW Mrs P Colley -


11PA Mr T Shepherd -

11MB Mrs W Marshall -

11HL Mrs V Lunn -

11MP Ms E Shum -

11MW Mrs L Hull -