Be the change you want to see in the world…

Charity is exceptionally important to us at BHS. We recognise that not everyone can be as lucky as we are, and we try to do what we can to help. We support a wide range of charities and each year we nominate two to be our main recipients. We also involve ourselves in collecting for our local foodbank as well as when there is a greater need in the world such as for the crisis in Ukraine.  We are very proud of the work we have done in South Africa to build a new dining area at Koeburg School. Students didn’t have anywhere to eat their meals and shelter from the burning sunshine. We also discovered they lacked what we consider the basic essentials for school (and sometimes life).

We set the goal of raising the funds through our charity work in that school year. A whole host of events were set up including a huge raffle where local businesses generously donated prizes. Our tireless work meant that by the end of the year we had raised the money needed to pay for a shelter to be built. Our link with Koeburg School was to become fixed. Over the coming months they struggled through local issues, but eventually it was finished, and now those students can be sheltered away and have what we would consider a basic standard of living at school. We also sent them a huge shipment of stationary donated by our students.

Sometimes it never does us harm to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have a free education and live in relative comfort. Our school should be proud of what we did. Maybe one day we will go more ambitious and look to build a school somewhere in Africa. 

We support the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) on an annual basis with their appeals.