Business and Economics

A thorough understanding of business and economic theory helps students understand the underlying dynamics of finance, business, politics, international relations and current affairs. Such knowledge also informs our pupils' decision-making skills. They are the cornerstones of understanding the 21st century world we live in.

The department aims to provide a learning experience that is topical, inspiring, stretching and enjoyable. We work hard to ensure learning takes place in an environment which is both supportive and non-judgmental. Most lessons are discussion based and encourage students to develop an ability to develop their own opinions using economic theory with logical analysis.

Teachers use both current affairs and historical examples to introduce topics and to support students in their efforts to apply the theory to real life situations. In order to foster a knowledge and understanding of recent economic affairs, the department uses a wide variety of stimuli ranging from newspapers, magazines, lectures, current books.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business - Henry Ford