At Beverley High School we recognise that a positive and supportive approach helps to foster good behaviour. Positive and constructive modelling of expected behaviour from staff, parents/carers and pupils is often sufficient to prevent the majority of unacceptable behaviour.

 There are a range of strategies that staff use to maintain a positive working environment. These might include:

  • Verbal and non-verbal indications of disapproval.
  • Specific praising for those that have followed an instruction as a hint to others.
  • Clear expectations.
  • Differentiating tasks.
  • Not ignoring low level disruption.
  • Consideration of seating plans.
  • Consistency.

It is good practice to share effective strategies.

It is important that relatively mild sanctions are not bypassed as this leaves the school with limited flexibility in more extreme situations. Pupils should learn from experience and expect fair and consistently applied sanctions for poor behaviour which make the distinction between serious and minor offences apparent. The sanctions are designed to achieve a modification in the pupil’s future behaviour. Threatening sanctions or actions that leave little room for manoeuvre are best avoided and likewise it is better to identify individuals than to administer generalised group punishments which can lead to a sense of injustice. Beverley High School does not support the use of whole-class detentions.

Staff should endeavour to ensure that pupils are kept within the classroom if at all possible. Staff will exercise their professional judgement to decide upon the most appropriate form of sanction within the context of this policy, which may require a pupil to be removed from the classroom. Teachers should ensure that rules are applied consistently by all members of staff, but it is essential that there should be flexibility in the use of sanctions to take account of individual circumstances.

The school is successful because it does not tolerate certain behaviours. For example, whilst rare, we do not tolerate adults being sworn at and parents/carers will be contacted immediately. The biggest current issue is the use of social media. The school will not tolerate students taking photos/videos of staff and posting them on Social Media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, SnapChat etc. Nor should students be taking photos and videos of other students. Please ensure you discuss use of Mobile Phones and Technology with your child.

Please view the School Policies page for up-to-date policies.