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Click on the link below to access the Art Department website. There you will find useful information ranging from the assessment of work to recommended reading and also extension tasks and fun activities that students (and maybe parents) could have a go at to further enrich the Art curriculum.

Art Department website

Our aim is to enthuse students with a passion for the Creative Arts that will last a lifetime, opening their minds to possibility and wonder. 


The Creative Arts are a crucial part of education. In a world increasingly dependent on visual media, it is essential to acquire visual literacy. Studying a Creative Arts subject will equip students with the wisdom to be able to unpack and respond to the visual stimuli that surrounds them everywhere they go. 

The Art Department supports the whole school ethos by encouraging creativity. Creativity is critical thinking and as such the arts allow students to discover, engage and grow in exciting and beneficial ways. Students become resilient by experimenting, refining (learning from mistakes) and implementing a wide range of techniques and processes whilst simultaneously building the confidence and courage to express themselves in a visual medium. Giving students the tools to express themselves means that they can tackle important issues, giving them the assurance to reach others and affect change through the medium of Art.


Our location within the East Riding, with close proximity to many galleries, is embraced by all year groups through trips, visits and independent study. The department is open to pupils at all times with a variety of extra-curricular sessions in place to support their understanding and enjoyment of the subject. We love to show off our work and the school is alive with the art work produced by students across all year groups. We also are lucky to be able to showcase work within Beverley Minster each year too! 




At Key Stage 4 the Art Department offers GCSE Fine Art and GCSE Photography. Photography is a fantastic creative outlet for all students and may be an attractive option for students who do not want to express themselves visually but do not want to follow the more traditional Fine Art path. 


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Art speaks where words are unable to explain