2nd MFL

Head of Department Overview Video - MFL

Both the French and German courses build on the skills already gained in Key Stage 3 and aim to develop the ability to use the language for practical communication.  There will be practice in Listening and Reading, and pupils will also develop their skills to communicate in the spoken and written language.  It is hoped that pupils will enjoy their study of a European Language and come to a greater understanding of the country involved.


The course consists of four units. Two tiers of assessment are available – Foundation or Higher—but the pupils must enter at the same tier for all four skills


The GCSE examination consists of four papers—Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.  Each paper is worth 25% of the overall exam.

Please note that choosing a 2nd MFL might have implications for which side of the curriculum you will be placed for you remain MFL. We select which of the languages is the option once all choices are made and only run one class. Mr Colton can explain more about this if you are unsure.