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“Inspiring a love of learning”

‘The lessons and the teachers are really good and I’ve made so many more friends since starting the sixth form’ Emily, Year 12

‘I’ve been able to achieve a level of independence but still rely on the support of staff I know when I’ve needed it’ Beth, Year 13

‘To begin with I was nervous about meeting new people but everyone has been welcoming. The subjects I chose are right for me and the teachers are helpful. Coming here was the right decision’ A new student who started in Yr 12

“I taught in several schools and I was only blessed with sons but I firmly believe that if I had a daughter I would want her to go to this school because I am aware at first hand of the dedication of all of its staff to the care and education of the girls. This school does realise that it is precious cargo that it carries.” A former teacher


By studying Geography to GCSE, it is hoped that pupils will: - gain a greater knowledge and understanding of a range of places and environments, and how people interact with them; appreciate the opportunities, challenges and constraints that are faced by people in different places; understand the significance and effects of the different ways in which decisions are made about the use and management of environments; and acquire and correctly apply a range of skills and statistical techniques to enable them to conduct a geographical enquiry.

We follow AQA’s GCSE Geography specification, which is assessed as follows:

Paper 1: 1 hour 30 minutes (35%) Living with the Physical Environment

A) The Challenge of Natural Hazards (tectonic hazards, weather hazards and climate change)

B) The Living World (Ecosystems including tropical rainforests and hot deserts)

C) Physical Landscapes in the UK (Including coastal and river landscapes)

Paper 2: 1 hour 30 minutes (35%) Challenges in the Human Environment

A) Urban Issues and Challenges (challenges facing cities in a newly emerging economy and in the UK, also sustainable urban development) B) The Changing Economic World (variations in development across the world, the changing UK economy and a case study of a newly emerging economy )

C) The Challenge of Resource Management (Management of resources around the world and in the UK, plus a detailed study of either food, water or energy)

Paper 3: 1 hour 15 minutes (30%) Geographical Applications

A) Issue evaluation (a pre-released booklet with a geographical issue for students to consider in advance of the exam.)

B) Fieldwork (2 geographical fieldwork enquiries – an examination on what was previously coursework/controlled assessment)

C) Geographical Skills (including maps, graphs, data analysis, numeracy, literacy, enquiry and argument) We are required to conduct two fieldwork enquiries, over 2 days, one physical and one human. We are intending that the physical trip will be based on a coastal theme and that the human study will be more local, either in Beverley itself or Hull / York. .


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