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“Inspiring a love of learning”

‘The lessons and the teachers are really good and I’ve made so many more friends since starting the sixth form’ Emily, Year 12

‘I’ve been able to achieve a level of independence but still rely on the support of staff I know when I’ve needed it’ Beth, Year 13

‘To begin with I was nervous about meeting new people but everyone has been welcoming. The subjects I chose are right for me and the teachers are helpful. Coming here was the right decision’ A new student who started in Yr 12

“I taught in several schools and I was only blessed with sons but I firmly believe that if I had a daughter I would want her to go to this school because I am aware at first hand of the dedication of all of its staff to the care and education of the girls. This school does realise that it is precious cargo that it carries.” A former teacher


AQA GCSE Business Studies is divided into 3 units of work.

In Year 10 students will study Unit 1: ‘Setting up a Business’. This unit introduces candidates to issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business. It explores the activities of business and the reasons for success or failure. It encourages candidates to appreciate that businesses must operate within society and that this involves businesses engaging with a wide range of stakeholders who will hold differing perspectives. This unit will be assessed by an external written assessment and is worth 40% of students GCSE in Business Studies.

In Year 11 students will study Unit 2: ‘Growing as a Business’, which builds upon the content of Unit 1, allowing candidates to study businesses as they grow and the issues that expansion raises. This unit will be assessed by an external written assessment and is worth 35% of students GCSE in Business Studies.

In addition, Year 11 students will undertake a Controlled Assessment, which will involve investigating a small or new business start-up, which is worth 25% of students GCSE in Business Studies.

Throughout the course the following areas will be studied, both in relation to small and growing businesses:

  • Starting a Business;
  • Marketing;
  • Finance;
  • People in Business;
  • Operations Management;
  • The Business Organisation.

GCSE Business Studies gives students a broad overview of how the commercial world operates, as well as developing the essential transferable that are important in further education and employment. The course allows students to develop:

  • Analytical skills;
  • Evaluative techniques;
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.

GCSE Business Studies allows students the opportunity to take part in group work, presentations and independent projects.


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