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Inspiring a love of learning

“Inspiring a love of learning”

‘The lessons and the teachers are really good and I’ve made so many more friends since starting the sixth form’ Emily, Year 12

‘I’ve been able to achieve a level of independence but still rely on the support of staff I know when I’ve needed it’ Beth, Year 13

‘To begin with I was nervous about meeting new people but everyone has been welcoming. The subjects I chose are right for me and the teachers are helpful. Coming here was the right decision’ A new student who started in Yr 12

“I taught in several schools and I was only blessed with sons but I firmly believe that if I had a daughter I would want her to go to this school because I am aware at first hand of the dedication of all of its staff to the care and education of the girls. This school does realise that it is precious cargo that it carries.” A former teacher


Meet the teachers:

Mrs C Brooke - Head of Maths -

Mrs M Walker - Assessment and Intervention Co-ordinator -

Mr P Cork - Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for progress and intervention -

Mr A Davidson - Teacher -

Mr M Evans - Teacher -

Mr T Shepherd - Teacher -

Mrs V Lunn - Teacher - 

Our Curriculum


Ma LTP a

Ma LTP b

Medium Term Plans

Y7 scheme of work

Y8 scheme of work

Y9 scheme of work

At KS3 our aim is to introduce pupils to the uses and applications of mathematics. We aim to build on their previous knowledge and introduce new concepts which pupils will then apply in a variety of ways. The pupils in KS3 follow a varied course which is broken down into distinct units each covering one or more of the key concepts above.

Pupils will investigate and solve a variety of problems throughout the course. They will be expected to complete formal investigational tasks and write these up using mathematical symbols, diagrams and graphs, explaining clearly any conclusions made, as well as informal problem solving. The contents of each unit are differentiated according to the different ability groups and pupils are assessed throughout in a variety of ways to ensure that they are making appropriate progress. Our policy is always to review and extend each topic to enable us to provide a challenging curriculum to each pupil, whilst ensuring that we are building on solid foundations. To this end pupils will be placed in an ability set and maybe moved between them when it is in their best interest.


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