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Inspiring a love of learning

“Inspiring a love of learning”

‘The lessons and the teachers are really good and I’ve made so many more friends since starting the sixth form’ Emily, Year 12

‘I’ve been able to achieve a level of independence but still rely on the support of staff I know when I’ve needed it’ Beth, Year 13

‘To begin with I was nervous about meeting new people but everyone has been welcoming. The subjects I chose are right for me and the teachers are helpful. Coming here was the right decision’ A new student who started in Yr 12

“I taught in several schools and I was only blessed with sons but I firmly believe that if I had a daughter I would want her to go to this school because I am aware at first hand of the dedication of all of its staff to the care and education of the girls. This school does realise that it is precious cargo that it carries.” A former teacher

Dear Students and Parents/Carers

Whilst the Super Curriculum Booklets have provided you with a huge range (over 100 hrs!) of materials for each one and could easily take you 8-10 weeks to work through properly we are also mindful that you might like to see work that is more structured as well. Therefore you will find links to suggested work for each subject area below. Our professional advice is to look at doing 2-3 hours a day of work. This will be more than enough. You should also aim to exercise every day for at least 30 mins and then we also suggest doing something more creative/free as well. e.g art/music/watch a theatre production/read a book etc. I cannot stress enough the power of reading. Building your vocabulary will give you huge benefits that will last forever. We know this is a difficult time - some of you like the structured work, some of you don't. What we are trying to do is ensure everyone is able to do something.

The work posted below should be enough to keep you going for 4 weeks - You do not need to stick rigidly to doing an hour of history a week - that is not practical. We cannot replicate school. Aim to do a topic per week as we would do in lessons. We will update the work towards the middle/end of May if we look like remaining closed. Don't rush to complete work - this is enough to last!

Keep Safe!

Mr Colton


Art - Portraiture and font 

Week 1 and 2. Draw in pencil a portrait of a family member. Add tone and texture using mark making techniques. Research how to draw your face in proportion. There are many tutorials on line. 

Week 3. Write you name in a variety of different fonts on a separate piece of paper. 

Week 4. Add your name many times to the background of your portrait. You may add colour to your font. 

Please also follow our Twitter account where we will post more films, competitions and activities -

Young Persons Art Prize competition -


Computing -


Design Technology - - 7 weeks of activities using the Royal Academy of Engineering competition

 Textiles  - Y7 Costume Design Project

Food  - Y7 Food Booklet and Y7 Recipes to try


English - Please use the following link to access English work -

Young Persons Writing Competition -


French - Y7 French Activities


Geography - Y7 Geography - Tectonics


German - Y7 German Activities


History - Life as a KnightLife During Medieval TimesMagna Carta and ParliamentMurder in the CathedralThe People and the Black Death + Year 7 Activities


Maths - Please follow the online lessons using this website. There is a video and supporting activity as well as answers to check. Y7 Home Learning tasks v4


Music - Y7 Music Activities


PE - Y7 PE Activities


RE - Symbols of Christianity and Examples and Lesson 2 Symbols of Belonging + L2 Beliefs about Baptism picture task + L2 Infant Baptism


Science - Science - Space Booklet (please note this is a publisher file to allow it to be typed into) - Alternative PDF version for printing Y7 Space PDF


If you need more:

We also recommend using the new BBC Learn available every day -

Finally there is the DFE supported curriculum available at


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