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Inspiring a love of learning

“Inspiring a love of learning”

‘The lessons and the teachers are really good and I’ve made so many more friends since starting the sixth form’ Emily, Year 12

‘I’ve been able to achieve a level of independence but still rely on the support of staff I know when I’ve needed it’ Beth, Year 13

‘To begin with I was nervous about meeting new people but everyone has been welcoming. The subjects I chose are right for me and the teachers are helpful. Coming here was the right decision’ A new student who started in Yr 12

“I taught in several schools and I was only blessed with sons but I firmly believe that if I had a daughter I would want her to go to this school because I am aware at first hand of the dedication of all of its staff to the care and education of the girls. This school does realise that it is precious cargo that it carries.” A former teacher

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Every week the students are given an article to read and discuss. These range in content and are designed to stretch their vocabulary, increase their breadth of knowledge and generally build their understanding of issues around the world.

Each week we will add a link so parents can also see what we are discussing:


Week 1 -  Inspirational Women

Week 2 - Women Musicians - The Psychology of Appearance

Week 3 - Bullying Myths and Bullying PPT

Week 4 - Stephen Lawrence PPT and Stephen Lawrence Article

Week 5 - The Grim Reality and Inter-racial marriage - Robert Pattison


Week 6 - County Lines  and County Lines Advice For Parents

Week 7 - Sexual Exploitation and Why wasn't more done?





Week 1 - Unusual Jobs

Week 2 - Making a Living

Week 3 - The Secret of My Success

Week 4 - Banning Mobile Phones

Week 5 - Banning Mobiles and Mental Health

Week 6 - Mental Health and Social Media  + link to use -

 Week 7 - Those who fought and  link to use 


Week 8 - International Dimension - Fundraising Literacy  and International Reading Article

Week 9 - Slavery - iSlave?  and Modern Slavery

Week 10 - LGBTQ+ - Sexuality PPT and Coming Out ArticleNot Gay Not straight articleSexuality ArticleCome out to Play Article

Week 11 - Save the Children - Words not Weapons + link to use


Week 12 - Healthy Eating? - Overweight? and Jamie Oliver

 Week 13 - Diabetes and Sugar - Why Sugar is the EnemyI was only 16... and Diabetes

Week 14 - Mental Health and Mental Disorders

 Week 15 - Healthy Eating and DiabetesExtreme DietFood Rules

 Week 16 - Fair Trade - Fairer Trade and Fair Trade PPT and Story of Chocolate

Week 17 - Global Warming - Global Warming PPT and What are we worried about?

Week 18 - Allergies -  and Allergies


Week 19 - Period Poverty - and Period Poverty


Week 20 - Would you Eat a 3D Pizza? - The future of Food? 3D Printed Pizza PPT on Pizza

Week 21 - Nature's Emergency - Nature's Emergency

Week 22 - Plastic Waste - Plastic PlanetBeach Litter and Beach Litter PPT


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