School Catering - Mellors

Mellors Catering Services Mission is:

“Top Quality Service and Food Create Happy and Successful People” 

Exciting menus and innovative food concepts

Our food development team work with your on-site catering manager to develop exciting menus and innovative concepts that reflect diverse food trends.  Each catering manager has the freedom to create bespoke recipes to meet the dietary needs and tastes of your customers.  We don’t dictate cooking specifications.


Fresh & locally sourced food

Our catering managers have the freedom to purchase their food from an array of nominated local suppliers. Unlike the national caterers, we don’t restrict what they can purchase.

Fifty-seven percent of our food is purchased locally and 76% is prepared from scratch which means better quality, fresher ingredients for your customers.  You won’t find cook-in sauces, powder soups or custard mixes in our kitchens.

On-site bookwork is around 30 minutes per day. This allows our catering managers to have time to concentrate on the food and be with the customers.

A healthy, balanced diet

We promote a healthy, balanced diet across our sites through regular themed days each month as well as food and drink sampling sessions and food development activities.  It’s never mundane in one of our sites!